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Year End Smash Pickleball 2023

Event Details

23 December 2023

TBC, Singapore

Registration Link:


The Year End Smash is a thrilling team event that takes Pickleball competition to new heights. This eagerly anticipated tournament brings together teams of passionate players, each vying for the prestigious title of Team Champion for the year.

The Year End Smash unleashes the power of teamwork and collaboration on the Pickleball court. Players join forces, strategize, and rely on their collective skills to outmaneuver their opponents and claim victory. It’s an electrifying showcase of coordination, communication, and camaraderie. As teams progress through the tournament, the intensity heightens, leading to captivating showdowns between teams.

The event is organised by Singapore Pickleball Association, the official National Sports Association in Singapore.

Join in the fun at the Year End Smash and witness the power of teamwork unfold in an adrenaline-fueled, team-based Pickleball extravaganza. The Year End Smash is where legends are made, rivalries are forged, and Pickleball reaches new heights of excitement.

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