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What is PickleSprout?

PickleSprout is an exciting new Pickleball tournament by PickleGO, specifically designed for beginners who have recently started their Pickleball journey. Building on the success and excitement of PickleSlam, PickleSprout aims to provide a supportive, fun, and competitive environment for novice players to gain experience, improve their skills, and connect with the vibrant Pickleball community in Singapore.

Key Features

  • Beginner-Friendly Format and Rules: 21 point rally scoring in Round Robin stages to ensure an enjoyable and accessible experience for all novice players.
  • Competitive yet Supportive Environment: Round-robin matches leading to knockout rounds, ensuring that all participants have ample opportunity to play and compete.
  • Positive Experience: Focused on creating a welcoming atmosphere where new players can thrive and fall in love with the sport.

PickleSprout is more than just a tournament; it’s a celebration of the growing Pickleball community and a platform for new players to take their first steps into the world of competitive Pickleball.

Tournament Schedule

Morning AfternoonEvening
28 Sept 2024 (Sat)Women's Doubles 19+
Men's Doubles 19+
Men's Doubles 35+
Women's Doubles 35+
Men's Doubles 50+
Women's Doubles 50+
29 Sept 2024 (Sun)Mixed Doubles 19+Mixed Doubles 35+Mixed Doubles 50+
5 Oct 2024 (Sat)Men's Singles 35+
Women's Singles 19+
Men's Singles 19+
Men's Singles 50+
Reserved for wet weather

In case of wet weather, our priority will still be to complete the tournament on 28, 29 September but if we are unable to continue/complete the tournament or if in any unforeseen circumstances, the tournament will be rescheduled to be continued on 5 October 2024.

Note: The organising committee reserves the rights to make changes to the tournament format.

Registration Form

Rules & Regulations

  • PickleSprout is a Novice event, all participating players shall fulfil the following 2 criterias: 
    • Have played Pickleball for less than 18 months 
    • Have not medalled in a local or overseas Pickleball tournament before (not counting Team event medals)
  • This tournament follows the rally scoring format, without deuce scoring. 
  • In the Round Robin and Elimination stages, each match will be contested to 21 points, with no deuce rule applied.
  • The top two teams from each group (flight) will qualify to the Single Elimination stage.
  • In the medalled matches, players will compete in a best of 3 sets format, with each set played to 15 points.
  • Only SF, 3/4th and Finals will be officiated.

Here are the full rules and regulations for PickleSprout 2024.

Contribution to Rankings

  • The match scores will be logged into SPA ranking and DUPR.
  • All players are required to have a Reclub  and DUPR account. 
  • All players are required to link their DUPR to Reclub upon registration.


  • Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles
    • 1st Prize: S$180 per pair + Medal and Prizes
    • 2nd Prize: S$120 per pair + Medal and Prizes
    • 3rd Prize: S$100 per pair + Medal and Prizes
  • Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles (Min. 8 participants)
    • 1st Prize: $150 + Medal and Prizes
    • 2nd Prize: $100 + Medal and Prizes
    • 3rd Prize: $80 + Medal and Prizes

Sponsors & Partners


When is the registration period?

The registration period is from 22 July (Monday) – 20 September 2024 (Friday).

Where will PickleSprout be held?

The tournament will be held at Delta Sport Centre, 900 Tiong Bahru Road, Singapore 158790

*Tournament venue is an outdoor court (non-sheltered).

What are the registration fees?

  • Early Bird: S$55 per pax for early bird (22 July – 11 Aug 2024)
  • Normal Registration Period: S$75 per pax (12 Aug to 20 Sept 2024)

*Fee includes one complimentary event T-shirt per person only for the entire tournament, regardless of the number of divisions registered. T-shirt size shall be subjected to availability.

Withdrawal Deadline: Cancellation and refund requests must be submitted by 21 August 2024, 2359 (SGT). There will be a 10% administrative fee for any cancellation.

Am I eligible for PickleSprout?

PickleSprout is exclusively for beginners. To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You have less than 18 months of pickleball playing experience.
  • You have not won a medal (excluding team events) in a pickleball tournament in Singapore and/or overseas.

If you meet these requirements, you’re welcome to join us for a fun and supportive tournament experience!

What is the event schedule like and can I join multiple events?

There will be 3 sessions on 28th, 29th September and 5th October – morning, afternoon and evening.

Players are allowed to register for the different divisions, as long as there is no conflict in the time slots. 

What happens if it rains during the tournament?

In case of wet weather, our priority will still be to complete the tournament on 28, 29 September but if we are unable to continue/complete the tournament or if in any unforeseen circumstances, the tournament will be rescheduled to be continued on 5 October 2024.

I do not have a DUPR account, what should I do?

For players who do not have a DUPR account, you can sign up for an account here.

What t-shirt size should I get?

View the sizes of t-shirt and specifications here.

Each participant is entitled to one complimentary Participant’s Tee regardless of number of divisions registered. Sizes shall be subjected to stock availability.

What is the official ball for the tournament?

We will be using the JOOLA Heleus ball for the tournament.


Have any questions regarding PickleSprout? Drop us an email at hello@picklego.co