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What is PickleSlam?

PickleSlam is the epitome of pickleball excitement! It marks our grand series of three annual tournaments, and what makes it truly special is that it’s the first-ever outdoor pickleball tournament in Singapore. As players gather under the open skies, the competition heats up, creating an unforgettable experience of skill, strategy, and camaraderie.

Join us for the thrill of the game, the joy of the outdoors, and the celebration of pickleball excellence at PickleSlam. The first series of PickleSlam will only consist of Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

This event is sanctioned by Singapore Pickleball


4th May 20245th May 2024

Registration Form

Rules & Regulations

Contribution to Rankings

  • The match scores will be logged into SPA ranking and DUPR.
  • All players are required to submit their DUPR ID upon registration.


  • 1st Prize: S$150 cash + JOOLA Paddle worth $350
  • 2nd Prize: S$100 cash + JOOLA Merchandise worth $150
  • 3rd Prize: S$80 + JOOLA Merchandise worth $60
  • Best Rally/Youtube moment (most voted): Win $30 PickleGO voucher

Tournament Details

  • This tournament follows the conventional scoring format, without deuce scoring.
  • In the Round Robin stage, players will play till 11 points.
  • The top two teams from each group (flight) will qualify to the Single Elimination stage. 
  • In the next round of Elimination Stage, players will play till 15 points. 
  • In medalled matches (3/4th and finals), players will play best of 3 games of 11 points.
  • Only SF, 3/4th and Finals will be officiated

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What are the registration fees?

  • Early Bird: $70 per pair for early bird (1 March – 17 March)
  • Normal Registration Period: $85 per pair (18 March to 21 April)

Withdrawal Deadline: Cancellation and refund requests must be submitted by 21 April 2024, 2359 (SGT). There will be a 10% administrative fee for any cancellation.

Where will the games be held?

The tournament will be held at Delta Sports Centre from 4th – 5th May 2024.

When is the registration period?

The registration period is from 1 March 2024 (Friday) – 21 April 2024 (Sunday).

What is the event schedule like and can I join multiple events?

There will be 3 sessions per day – morning, afternoon and evening. Players are allowed to register for the different divisions, as long as there is no conflict in the time slots.


Have any questions regarding PickleSlam? Drop us an email at hello@picklego.co