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Pickleball Pesta Sukan 2023

Event Details

22 July – 8 August 2023

Bukit Canberra Sports Hall, Singapore

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Pesta Sukan is part of the annual GetActive! Singapore key sporting event, a highly anticipated tournament alongside  36 other sports competitions held islandwide. GetActive! Singapore is part of a national initiative to celeberate Singapore’s birthday with an extensive line-up on sporting activities and competitions for all to participate. Held amidst the backdrop of Singapore’s sporting fervor, this event has become one of the key highlights in the local Pickleball calendar.

Pesta Sukan 2023 Pickleball tournament bring together a diverse community of players, enthusiasts, and spectators. It offers an exhilarating platform for players of all levels to showcase their skills, engage in friendly rivalry, and push the boundaries of their abilities. The tournament caters to players of all skills level, with Beginners and Open categories with different age groups from 19+, 35+, 40+, 50+ and 60+. The tournament encompasses both singles and doubles matches.

Organized by the Singapore Pickleball Association, the official National Sports Association of Singapore. The event will be held at the newly opened Bukit Canberra Sports Hall, and supported by dedicated volunteers, passionate organizers, and experienced officials who ensure fair play and an exceptional tournament experience for all participants.

I’m the ultimate pickleball cheerleader—my wife smashes dinks while I handle snacks, slow-motion videos, and humorous commentary from the sidelines. Dive into my posts for laughs, tips (from keen observation), and behind-the-scenes stories from the pickleball court!


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