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12 Best Pickleball Memes That’ll Surely Have You ROFL-ing

Are you ready to embrace the lighter side of pickleball?

In this collection of 12 hilarious memes, we’re diving headfirst into the world of pickleball humour. From kitchen shenanigans to relatable paddle antics, these memes capture the essence of the game in the most amusing ways. 

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the court, these memes are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and remind you why pickleball is more than just a sport – it’s a whole lot of fun!

Pickleball Gameplay Memes

Our collection of pickleball gameplay memes is here to tickle your funny bone while capturing the heart of the sport. 

Whether it’s those “oops” moments near the kitchen line or the competitive intensity of nail-biting rallies, these memes showcase the humorous side of pickleball that players of all levels can relate to.

1. Avoid The Kitchen At All Costs

Lion King Pickleball Meme

Whether you’re a good cook or not, stepping into the kitchen is a strict no-no for all pickleball players.

2. Stepping Into The Kitchen

Stepping Into The Kitchen

However, if you do happen to enter the kitchen.. just make sure you don’t get caught 🌝

3. Pickleball Is Tiring

Gasping For Air

While pickleball can be elderly-friendly, it can also swiftly escalate into an intense game that’ll leave you literally gasping for air after a few rallies.

4. Pickleball Is Fun

Pickleball Fun

No matter how many times you step onto the pickleball court, the thrill of the game never gets old.

Other Pickleball Memes

From the woes of injuries to the thrill of buying a new paddle and even the hilarious aspirations of becoming a pro player, these memes offer a glimpse into the diverse tapestry of the pickleball community. 

5. Getting a New Pickleball Paddle

New Pickleball Paddle

Picking up a new pickleball paddle from the store is always an exciting experience. Just make sure your old paddle gets some love from time to time too!

6. Nursing an Injury

Nursing Pickleball Injury

Just like other sports such as tennis and badminton, nursing an injury while watching your friends play brings about intense feelings of FOMO.

7. Playing Pickleball Improves Your Memory

Improves Memory

Playing pickleball is like a memory workout – not only do you need to remember where the ball is, you’ll also constantly need to keep track of the score and service rotations!

8. Pickleball Is For Everyone

Pickleball Is For Everyone

People who claim pickleball is only for the elderly have no clue about the sport at all 😡

9. When Rain Ruins Pickleball Plans

Pickleball Rain

Imagine spending hours gearing up for a pickleball match, only for Mother Nature to RSVP with a raincheck 😭

10. Sharing About Pickleball

Pickleball Players

If there’s one thing all pickleball players can agree on, it’s about how much they talk about the sport to everyone and anyone!

11. When Nobody Is Free To Play Pickleball

Nobody Free To Play Pickleball

What do you mean you’re not free to play pickleball today…?

12. Becoming a Professional Pickeball Player

Professional Pickleball Player

Because pursuing a career as a professional pickleball player is a sure path to future riches and fame… right?


To get you started, we’ve written a guide on 11 tips on how to become a pro pickleball player.

Appreciating the Playful Side of Pickleball

In the realm of pickleball, laughter is undoubtedly a part of the winning equation. The journey through our collection of 12 uproarious pickleball memes has taken us from the court to the chuckles, proving that this sport isn’t just about the skillful smashes and precise dinks. 

These memes have expertly captured the lighter side of pickleball, reminding us that even in the midst of intense volleys, a well-timed joke or witty observation can create an atmosphere of camaraderie and pure enjoyment. 

So, as you head back to the court, carry the spirit of these memes with you – a reminder that while victories may be sweet, a good laugh can be the true grand slam of any match.

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