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GCM Pickleball 2.5 Tournament 2023

Event Details

4 August – 6 August 2023

Gymkhana Club Miri (GCM), Miri, Malaysia

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The GCM Pickleball 2.5 Tournament is open to players residing in the Miri Division who fall within the Level 2.5 skill rating or below. The competition is exclusively for participants aged 19 years and above. With a focus on inclusivity, the organizers aim to encourage new players to join the tournament while ensuring a competitive environment.

To ensure fair competition, a panel of experienced raters will evaluate the player submissions. This evaluation process allows newcomers to test their skills against similarly skilled opponents, fostering growth and development within the sport. By maintaining a Level 2.5 standard, the tournament strikes a balance between welcoming new players and providing a competitive platform for players of similar skill levels.

This event is organised by Miri  Pickleball Association (MDPA), GCM Management, with support from Sarawak Pickleball Association and Malaysia Pickleball Association.

We invite all pickleball enthusiasts, spectators, and supporters to join us in celebrating this grand event. Witness the talent, determination, and passion of the players as they compete for glory and the title of national champions.

This event is organised by Indonesia Pickleball Federation. Mark your calendars and be a part of the excitement as we come together to embrace the thrill of the Bontang National Pickleball Championship 2023.

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