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Pickleball Pesta Sukan 2023

22 July - 8 August 2023

Stay updated on the latest pickleball tournaments and gatherings in Singapore and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or passionate newbie, there's always something exciting happening on the courts to look forward to.

Graphite vs Fiberglass Pickleball Paddles: 8 Similarities and Differences

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10 Pickleball Serve Tips To Score Easy Aces In Every Game

The pickleball serve is the opening act of every game, setting the stage for rallies and influencing the course of play. A strong and...

Unlock the secrets to mastering your pickleball game with our comprehensive guides. From beginner basics to advanced strategies, explore a wealth of tips, techniques, and tactics with PickleGo.

12 Best Pickleball Paddles for Tennis Players [+ Tips]

Whether you're a tennis enthusiast contemplating the leap into pickleball or have already taken the plunge, we've got just what you need.  Our article breaks...

9 Best Shops To Buy Pickleball Paddles in Singapore [+ Tips]

Are you ready to take your pickleball game to the next level?  Whether you’re a recreational player or a budding pickleball sensation, finding the right...

Discover the best gear and equipment for your pickleball journey through our insightful product reviews. From pickleball paddles to net systems and accessories, we provide honest evaluations and recommendations to help you make informed decisions!

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Xinghua Primary School

Yew Tee Community Club

Yio Chu Kang Tennis Centre

Chongfu Primary School

Junyuan Primary School

Jurong East Sports Hall

Jurong West Sports Hall

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